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Welcome to 1-2-3 
where teaching is as simple as 1-2-3  

An exceptional approach to teaching our students the
Alef bet, Kriah & Safa
1-2-3 curriculum is 
using color-coded engaging materials, software, and more.

3 unique programs harness the power of technology along with thousands of interactive designed lessons and materials to ensure complete clarity and ease of use.



​123 Ivrit’s comprehensive curriculum contains all the materials needed to develop the skills for mastering Ivrit.


Prepares your students with the skills needed for Siddur, Chumash, and comprehensive Ivrit.


אָלֶף בֵּית גַּן

A fun, interactive path to mastering the AlefBet,

starting the journey into Kriah!

With the purchase of the student workbooks, you will receive our integrated compatible curriculum which includes thousands of interactive screens!

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