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Unit 03

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חֵלֶק שְׁלִישִׁי

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Student Workbook Book size: 8.5“ x 11“ 108 color pages

Buy the student's workbooks and get:



lesson plans for each booklet page in a snap.

 with easy-to-use menus and hundreds of interactive screens. Includes a link to lesson plans learned in the first booklet, for practicing.

Online Games

Screenshot (30).png

Dozens of games come with audio in Hebrew to practice the words and sentences learned in class.

For students to use at home and in class.

The workbook cover has a QR code that

can be scanned to access online games

Dapey Ezer


56 reference pages

for repetition and practice.

Most reference pages come with complete lesson plans from the previous year.

Teacher’s Guide


The teacher's guide serves as a central resource for educators to connect various elements of the curriculum, including curriculum software lessons, student workbooks, flashcards, and materials from previous years.



548  flashcards including

nouns, verbs, and other keywords.

All cards can be downloaded as a printable file in several sizes.

they also appeared on the software in the appropriate lesson plan and can be simply navigated to the desired configuration.

storis and videos


A series of Hebrew reading books covering the topics taught in the student booklet, accompanied by videos corresponding to each book. This multimedia approach enhances the learning experience and facilitates comprehension.

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